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The Musical Mailman

Online and in-person guidance

Providing one on one instruction on violin, viola, cello, bass, ukulele, guitar, and music theory, solo cello performances Maui-wide, and stringed instrument bow repair and restoration services.

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About The Musical Mailman

Hello! My name is Roy, I am a cellist with the Maui Pops Orchestra, a music teacher, and a bow repair technician.  I earned my Bachelor of Music Education, Cum Laude, from Eastern Michigan University in 2014.  After teaching 5th-12th grade stringed orchestra in the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation, my family was presented with the wonderful opportunity to relocate to the island of Maui.  Upon arrival, I joined the Post Office as a Letter Carrier, now that I am settled I am very excited to start teaching again.  With the founding of The Musical Mailman, I hope to be able to share my talents with the island of Maui and beyond.

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Dr. Lynn Malinoff, Bright Futures 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Roy has demonstrated his ability to organize, teach, develop lessons, solve problems, lead a group of future music teachers and develop a sustainable music outreach program

Dr. Diane L. Winder, Professor of Cello, Eastern Michigan University

I present this unqualified recommendation for Roy, a man of utmost integrity, with dedication to disadvantaged students

Prof. Kevin Miller, Professor of Music Education, Eastern Michigan University

Roy understands that at the heart of what teachers do, motivating and inspiring students is the most important

Amanda Batts, Musician, Music Teacher EVSC

I’ve known Roy for several years, and worked with him both as an educator and a performer. As a teacher, he is patient, encouraging, and so creative!

Starlynn Asami, Parent in Kahului

My keiki has a curious, yet roaming mind. Has a hard time focusing ... he is now very excited about his violin.  Everyday he is asking to practice or do his exercises! I find myself paying just as much attention as my kiddo.

Student Performance Example

A short excerpt of my 7th and 8th-grade orchestra students in Evansville.  Every one of these students made tremendous progress from when they started in 5th grade.  They all started their instruments with little to no prior knowledge on stringed instruments.

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